What’s the best rimfire rifle in 2023?

Rimfire rifles are still as popular as ever, says Ian Hodge of West Country gunshop and online retailer Ian Hodge Fieldsports – and his two best sellers are the semi-auto Ruger 10-22 and the Browning T-Bolt. The Ruger is in .22 calibre, while he picks a T-Bolt in .17HMR. Both are relatively short in the […]

How not to roost-shoot pigeons

www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHVAYffKgO4 It could have been superb – but Dan Thor is  having a bad day. The pigeons are flocking into the wood where they roost in Essex. However, there’s no wind. They are coming in too high. Here’s how he copes with a pigeon roost-shoot day going wrong.   For Browning and Miroku guns go […]

Firearms licensing in the spotlight at the British Shooting Show

by Deborah Hadfield Shooters came face to face with firearms licensing officers at the British Shooting Show. Officers from three police forces, Devon & Cornwall, West Mercia, and Warwickshire went to the 2023 event in Birmingham to meet shooters. The police staff were there to help with variations and offer practical advice on how to […]

How to film a big game hunt

Play Video Charlie Jacoby is with a professional hunter from the Northern Cape Professional Hunting School. Edwin Corney is turning his hand to filming and Charlie is training him to film for Fieldsports Channel. Here’s how he gets on during a sable antelope hunt.Click here for more from the Northern Cape Professional Hunting School  Here’s […]

British government’s back-door ban on shooters who have lived abroad

youtu.be/UCAqHqCM5yw The government’s new policy of granting gun certificates on production of medical records is penalising people who have lived abroad and don’t have medical records. Charlie Jacoby meets two people like that at the 2023 British Shooting Show. David Taylor is a British citizen who has lived his life in South Africa, where doctors […]

British Shooting Show 2023 – for gun collectors

Did you think the 2023 British Shooting Show is only all about shiny, new kit? There’s plenty there for the gun collector, too. Charlie Jacoby chats to Diggory Hadoke from VintageGuns.co.uk about what he found.


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