Charlie’s combination rifle Charlie buys a combination rifle from Gibbs Gunmakers (12-bore and .243, £1,500) and sets out to see whether it is the all-round gun he is looking for. With the help of some of Fieldsports Channel’s gang, it’s a journey that takes him from duck and red stags in Sutherland to fallow bucks and squirrels […]

Devon and Cornwall gun licensing fiasco At the beginning of 2023, Devon & Cornwall firearms licensing looked like it was getting its act together. Now local shooters say the fiasco with firearms licensing has flared up again.  They say the force is chronically behind on renewals. Multiple shooters across the two counties, who have been on temporary section 7 tickets […]

Fieldsports Britain – buck and duck gun It’s time for an unusual gun. Charlie tries out a combination rifle – half 12-bore and half .243 rifle on all kinds of birds and animals and different locations. He explores its pros and its cons. Meanwhile, rifletraining expert Andrew Venables has his tips on how to deploy quad stocks without disturbing deer. And […]

Packham wins two court cases, loses one

The Packham Three case is over, and Chris Packham has won against two of them. The judge dismissed the case against the third. A PDF of the full judgement is available here. Country Squire magazine editor Dominic Wightman and writer Nigel Bean apologised to the BBC TV presenter for the articles and tweets that defamed […]


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