Des and Keith’s luxury squirrel shoot

Des and Keith have their squirrel shooting sorted: a squirrel hide with a door knocker AND a welcome mat. No welcome for the squirrels, though. The greys are drawn to a seed and peanut feeder in front of the hide, and Des and Keith’s high-tech airguns do the rest of the work, making this piece […]

Fieldsports Britain – wild boar and squirrels Two hunts – two different approaches: Oxfordshire squirrel shooters Des and Keith have worked out how to do their pest control in luxury, with a well-appointed hide and a feed station just yards away. Tim Pilbeam does it the hard way, visiting Pulsar’s night vision and thermal optics factories in the Baltic, learning about […]

Royal visit to home of shooting sports – Fieldsports News, 19 July 2023

Here are the links: Princess Royal visits BASC HQ – BASC press release Firearms certificate revocations rise  – Yahoo News George Digweed championship win – Facebook Nathan Hales wins world cup trap gold– Facebook North Yorkshire council considers trail hunting ban – Countryside Alliance + The Times White Lodge tragedy – Sky MPs want farmers […]

Inside Pulsar HQ for the first time: exclusive and behind-the-scenes

It’s the first time cameras have been allowed inside the Pulsar factories in Lithuania and Latvia. Tim Pilbeam has an opportunity to see the newest products being made, mourn the loss of his favourite (Helion), and discover what the company has up the sleeve of their blue lab coats when it comes to artificial intelligence […]


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