Inside Pulsar HQ for the first time: exclusive and behind-the-scenes

It’s the first time cameras have been allowed inside the Pulsar factories in Lithuania and Latvia. Tim Pilbeam has an opportunity to see the newest products being made, mourn the loss of his favourite (Helion), and discover what the company has up the sleeve of their blue lab coats when it comes to artificial intelligence and the future of night vision.

He also has the chance to hunt a Latvian wild boar from both high seat and on foot using the latest Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF XP 50 Pro with its internal ballistic calculator.

Beyond the tech there are the human stories. The war in Ukraine has meant employees living in Kiev fled the country with their families. We witness how Pulsar has looked after them. Also Pulsar has pulled out of Belarus, fast tracking a new operation in Latvia to continue to meet global demand for their products.

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