Breakdown in Devon & Cornwall gun licensing puts businesses at risk

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With police firearms licensing across Devon, Cornwall and Dorset in meltdown, local country and gun shops are having to diversify. Martin and Chris Lamb run the Country Sport Shop in Bovey Tracey, Devon. They have opened ‘The Barbecue Shack‘ to go alongside their business supplying local gamekeepers, shoots and pest controllers. They tell their story.

Here’s the most recent letter from Devon & Cornwall Firearms Licensing:

Devon & Cornwall police is sending out an email to applicants explaining the chaos surrounding firearms licensing. While other forces have run normal firearms licensing throughout covid, Devon & Cornwall police continues to blame the pandemic lockdowns for the collapse of its service. Its email refers to ‘weapon’ instead of ‘firearm’, showing a misunderstanding of the licensing process. It refers to ‘legislation’ when it means ‘statutory guidance’. It mentions delays in licensing but not the delays of up to two-and-a-half years that some shooters have suffered. It goes on to beg gun owners not to contact firearms licensing officials.

More on the Devon & Cornwall gun grab story here:

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