How ecotourists kill wildlife with their cameras by Ben O’Rourke Ask a wildlife enthusiast how to fund conservation in Africa without hunting tourism, or trophy hunting as some like to call it and they will give you one answer: ecotourism.  Most people will picture khaki-dressed Westerners peeking through binoculars at giraffes half a mile away and snapping away on cameras with […]

Breakdown in Devon & Cornwall gun licensing puts businesses at risk With police firearms licensing across Devon, Cornwall and Dorset in meltdown, local country and gun shops are having to diversify. Martin and Chris Lamb run the Country Sport Shop in Bovey Tracey, Devon. They have opened ‘The Barbecue Shack‘ to go alongside their business supplying local gamekeepers, shoots and pest controllers. They tell their […]

Shooting loved-up foxes Autumn is the time of year when foxes fall in love. And like romantics everywhere, that makes the foxes more than usually visible. Tom Davies from Dartmoor Deer Services is prowling the lanes and country tracks on fox patrol. Tom’s review of the Pulsar Merger  To buy them, visit or For more […]

Pheasant sausages – recipe – from Weschenfelder Cai Ap Bryn makes delicious pheasant sausages. Watch and learn the recipe here. Ingredients: Pheasant meat mince (including all offcuts) Fatty pork mince Spice/herb mix Sausage tubes (plus you will need a sausage stuffer)   Links Get 10% off the following Weschenfelder products: Trespade TC 12 EL ECO Electric mincer (£234 RRP) + Trespade […]

Niall’s Swedish elk adventure Take a Scottish wildlife expert to Scandinavia and his imagination runs away with him. Niall Rowantree is elk hunting in Swedish Lapland. While there, he imagines a Scotland with moose roaming free. Plus he gets up close to moose and to the hunt.  . For deals on the Blaser R8, go to For […]

Three reasons to buy a secondhand PCP airgun

James Head of Crackshot UK says there are plenty of good reasons to buy a secondhand pre-charged pneumatic airgun – and a few traps to watch out for. Let’s start with the positives. Number one: it will be cheaper than buying new. That means you can get more for your budget – a better grade […]


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