Treetop black cock hunt

It’s like deer stalking but in this case our deer is perched on 25 metre tall stilts. Game chef Cai Ap Bryn is in Finland

Fast-Action Elk Hunt

To go elk hunting in Finland, you have to be fit. You watch the dog chasing the elk in real time via GPS. Then you

Venison mince pies – recipe

Ingredients Diced onion 300g fruit 500g venison 1 heaped tbsp marmalade Generous glass of port 400ml venison or beef stock 1 heaped tsp cinnamon 1

Deerstalking at last light

Cai Ap Bryn is meeting a man in a car park… Chris Dewbury from rifle, clothing and accessories distributor Blaser Sporting has come along with

YouTubers go Wild Boar Hunting

Lots of well-known hunting YouTubers get together in a German forest for a driven hunt. Paul Childerley is here for Fieldsports Channel, Kristoffer Clausen has

Calling Red Stags Viking Style

Cai Ap Bryn is a hunt swap. He goes to visit Johan Trygve ‘Trigger’ Solheim of the Svanøy Foundation in Norway to go deerstalking. While

Deer heart wraps – recipe

Deer don’t just yield roast haunch and tender venison backstraps. Here is Cai Ap Bryn’s recipe for delicious deer heart wraps. Ingredients: ▶ 1 deer

Rifle skills

150 people came to the The Blaser/Mauser/Sauer/Minox skills day at Braces’ range just south of Bristol. They learned about how to shoot off sticks, how

Passing your DSC1

How do you learn to hunt deer in the UK? We follow deerstalker Sim Hay as he takes his Deer Stalking Certificate 1 with Mike

On Test: Sauer Keeper Package

With foxes on the prowl for pheasant poults, it’s time for keepers to get out the rifles and start shooting. To coincide with this, Sauer

Calling and shooting bucks

Using a buttolo call, Roy Lupton gets an amazing reaction from roe deer on his ground. It is the start of the roe rut and

How to boresight a rifle

How to boresight a rifle

How do you look down a rifle barrel and start the zeroing process? Sim Hay visits Brace’s rifle range, south of Bristol, UK, and learns

Spanish Mouflon Hunting

Tim heads into the hills behind the Costa del Sol to go mouflon and wild boar hunting. It’s a great way to end a hard

Elkhound at Work

The Swedish work their elkhounds on a variety of big game. Tim Pilbeam is out to shoot wild boar flushed by an elkhound in Sweden.

Charlie’s Driven Hunt 360

We’ve gone 360! Immerse yourself in a driven big game hunt in Germany. Join Charlie in the stand for the highs and lows of a

Fast Action Wild Boar

It is driven hunting at its finest. Paul Childerley is on the Zeiss Media Hunt on the Laubach estate in Hesse, Germany. he tries out

Wild Boar Shoot Training

  Tim Pilbeam is learning about charging boar, running boar and high seat boar. In his new outing in the Rucksack & Rifle series, he

How to Hunt Boar

Tim Pilbeam is out after boar in Sweden. Find out how he uses dogs to bring them down. For more about Mamima Jakt, go to

Shooting a Frozen Rifle

Shooting a Frozen Rifle

We go behind the scenes at Sauer to look at the testing processes they put their rifles through. They freeze a Sauer 404 to -40C,

Wild boar stew recipe

Top game cook Cai ap Bryn is in Hungary to track down a superb recipe for wild boar stew. Find out how he cooks it

Hunting driven deer

Hunting driven deer

Tim Pilbeam is on a montería in southern Spain. It is what they call a big driven game hunt, where they shoot in a day

How to make Mouflon Burgers

How to make Mouflon Burgers

Cai Ap Bryn cooks up a storm on the griddle. He has got hold of some mouflon meat from and he shows how to

Mouflon Hunt, Croatia

Mouflon Hunt, Croatia

It’s part two of Rucksack & Rifle, and this time Tim Pilbeam is after mouflon on the craggy Croatian coast. With the Mediterranean as a

Roebuck hunting in Croatia

Roebuck hunting in Croatia

Tim Pilbeam is off on his first outing in our new series Rucksack & Rifle. He is stalking roebuck in Croatia. This film was first


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