Emberleaf knives have been featured in episodes on Fieldsports Channel since 2017, showcasing high-end craftsmanship that not only looks pleasing but also performs exactly how it should.

The business, which opened its doors in 2011, prides itself on making the finest contemporary handmade knives. It also offers a professional tool sharpening service in the Sussex and Hampshire area.

Emberleaf knife owned by Paul Childerley

Barry Martin, sales and marketing director at Emberleaf, is a key part of the team. He was instrumental in helping Emberleaf to collaborate and showcase their products on Fieldsports TV, he says: “Our products are extremely relevant to the channel and your pieces (Fieldsports Channel) produce an awful lot of interest in our products.

“We saw a noticeable increase in sales from the first piece, it was a good result for us.”

The products are premium and range in prices from £399 to £3,250. This is something that may put potential customers off. But, Barry believes that the positives out way the hefty price tag and that it is well worth the investment.

“First of all they are getting the very highest material possible, they’re getting knives that are hand built in England by master bladesmiths.

“They’re getting a knife that is designed and purpose built specifically for a purpose, whether that’s stalking, hunting or bush craft.

“I think they stand out in the market because they are clearly designed for their roles by experts in the knife making field.”

It is clear that the company is making a name for itself, delivering on their promise to produce a product that matches its price.

For more information about Emberleaf and its products, visit: Emberleaf.com

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