Want to be a gamekeeper? Watch YouTube

UK gamekeeping colleges are keeping their students up to date with YouTube channel Fieldsports Channel, which specialises in films about hunting and shooting.

A survey of the UK’s leading gamekeeping and wildlife management college courses uncovered that they rely on Fieldsports Channel for the latest thinking and practical examples of gamekeeping at work.

Meredyth Grant, who carried out the survey for Fieldsports Channel, found that the channel’s series including Modern Gamekeeper and A Year in the Life of Red Deer prove invaluable as teaching aids. At least one college makes viewing the latest episode of Fieldsports Britain (TX Wednesdays 7pm UK time) compulsory on Thursday mornings.

Students at Newton Rigg

Students at Newton Rigg

Here is what the students and lecturers say:

“We frequently use the film content from Fieldsports TV to support our taught lessons. One particular episode featured our friends at Spartan and followed the development of their carbon shooting supports. With us already having physical examples of the Spartan kit, it enabled the students to get hands on and test out the kit, trialling them against other brand leaders and compare their effectiveness. The second part of the session, again supported by Fieldsports TV episodes, required students to analyse shooting positions and body position when shooting in challenging topography for game such as red deer, tahr and chamois”.
“Fieldsports TV is a great online resource which is directly linked to the students’ online learning portal. There is a great mixture of humour, educational material and relevant news bulletins”.
Curtis Mossop, game & wildlife senior lecturer & course manager, Newton Rigg College.

Curtis Mossop

“Many of our students share and recommend different Fieldsports TV films to each other while on the course. They particularly enjoy watching Andy Crow and the videos certainly give the students plenty to think about and aspire to as they prepare for their career in Countryside Management”.
Geoffrey Guy, countryside and game manager lecturer, Hartpury College.

Geoffrey Guy

“Fieldsports videos are always discussed on the course, used as a reference source and can generate some lively debates.”
David Campbell, gamekeeping and wildlife management HNC student.

“During our deer stalking module we watched some episodes of Fieldsports TV to cover how to successfully track, stalk and cull deer. This was extremely beneficial for myself as I am keen on learning more about the art of deer stalking and it teaches you that one small mistake can have a big impact on the end result.
“I watch FSTV as much as possible as I find it very resourceful, knowledgeable and informative. It’s always up to date with the entire shooing industry, laws and regulations. I also find it useful to watch as it teaches and shows me various ways of carrying out certain skills and methods that may not work in other real-world application and scenarios.
“The videos produced by FSTV helped me with many of my assignments throughout my two years of college giving me key and factual information that I could reference in my assignments to back up my own information and reasoning in my work.
“I would highly recommend for other students to watch and use Fieldsports TV footage as each video is tailored to individuals involved in the shooting industry covering everything that makes up this special way of life. Each episode is produced for people like myself who work and have a keen interest in this way of life which is great because there aren’t many channels that cover this way of life in the most realist and down to earth way possible.”
Gemma Latham, former Sparsholt Agricultural College student who has completed the Level 3 extended diploma in Game and Wildlife Management.

Fieldsports Channel presenter Charlie Jacoby says: “Hunting and shooting sports have never been so popular, especially with teenagers – and that’s thanks in part to YouTube. An open, video platform that encourages us to promote good practise is one of the best learning tools there is. We are proud to be part of the armoury of teaching aids at the UK’s top gamekeeping and wildlife colleges.”

“We are a family show. We always knew our programme appeal spanned generations but this shows we are delivering content that will influence a generation of gamekeepers and wildlife managers.”

Charlie Jacoby

Fieldsports Channel has made a number of films with students at the UK’s gamekeeping & wildlife colleges:

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