Zandermania – Fishing Britain, episode 32

It’s Zandermania! The big fishing competition with the best predator fishers in the country to raise money for Team England Lure Squad. And it’s not just zanders. Hywel Morgan gets wet, thinks West Wales is the Bahamas – he is saltwater fly fishing for bass – and introduces the show. Fishing Britain News features the angler whose car drowned And Hooked on YouTube rounds up the best fishing films. It’s all in a packed Fishing Britain this week.

To watch the whole show as a playlist, go to

Here are the links to the individual items

Aberdovey Bass

Angler’s car drowns

Team England Lure squad action

Hooked on YouTube

Here are the links to the Hooked on YouTube films:
The Consummate Sportsman
Mark Erdwin
Nash Tv
Fishing with Rod
Reivax Films

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