Which semi-autos do the Fieldsports Channel audience prefer? We sent out surveys in March 2020 and more than 3,500 of you filled out the questionnaires (it’s as if you had nothing better to do). Of those nearly 500 semi-auto owners responded.

The most popular semi-auto among our viewers is, from Turkey, the Hatsan Escort, with 10% of the market all by itself. The Browning Maxus wins second place. Third place goes to the Beretta A400 series.

Most popular semi-autos among Fieldsports Channel viewers: Hatsan Escort, Browning Maxus and Beretta A400


We learned some other interesting stuff, too:

  • More than half of you own one of just ten semi-auto models
  • 90% of you own semi-autos by eight gunmakers, so it’s a tight choice
  • Half of you bought your semi-auto within the last five years
  • Half of you spent less than £500 on your semi-auto

We have seen which are the most popular guns. Manufacturers will want to know which are the most popular gunmakers. Here are the results:

Winner with more than a quarter of the market is Beretta. Second goes to Benelli, which is also the winner for customer service, and third is Browning

Most popular semi-auto manufatcurers: Beretta, Benelli and Browning


We asked you to give your semi-autos star ratings. The prize for value for money goes to the Armsan A612.

One gun cleans up all the rest of the star ratings. According to our viewers, the winner for fit, for pointability, for looks and for reliability is the Browning Maxus.

In a market of notably young guns, the prize for long service goes to the Remington Model 1100, which is unusual in that more than a third of you who own one have had yours for more than 20 years.

Fieldsports Channel viewer star ratings winners: Browning Maxus (most of them), Armsan A6123 and Remington Model 1100


Semi-autos tend to be young, accessible, cheap, and are growing in popularity. We hope that finding out what the rest of the Fieldsports Channel viewers own will help you choose your next semi-auto.

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