Best Dogfood 2020

It’s the results of our massive dog questionnaire, covering dogfood, dog breeds and dog boxes, and thanks to all who took part in it. Our Fieldtester surveys prompted 3,500 responses, which has given us some of the most comprehensive information about who owns what and what they think of out that the shooting industry has […]

Actor’s mad rant against pro-hunting scientist – Fieldsports News, 22 July 2020

  Here are the links: Actor says hunters are like paedophiles – Fieldsports News New vegan vandal attack on Brighton butcher – Facebook Goshawk killing ‘was on Queen’s land’ says newspaper – Yorkshire Post BBC bigs up grousemoors – worth a watch – BBC2 Newspaper gives TV star Phil Spencer a hard time for hunting […]

Rabbit shoot: rain stops play

  Poor Matt Turley. You invite a team of guns to come and shoot rabbits – and the bunnies don’t want to play. They don’t like to come out when the ground is wet. To prove he has rabbits, Matt goes out in the late afternoon after the ground has dried in the sun and […]

Copper bullets – terminal ballistics

  Firearms expert Andrew Venables and deer manager Ben Heath put two copper bullets head to head. Commenting on YouTube, several viewers give their favourite copper rounds. They are .243, 80-grain “80-grain in .243 sounds good and it will be interesting when Andrew goes with the .308 110-grain and 120-grain rounds on fallow,” says Colin […]

Fieldsports Britain – Ollie Williams ❤️🏝️ hunts a muntie

  Ollie Williams is stalking muntjac with Hampshire deer manager Ben Heath. Ben is about to launch a new venison-in-the-post service called Deer Box. Plus he advocates copper bullets, which means we have to talk to firearms expert Andrew Venables (it’s in the rules – talking about copper? talk to Andrew Venables). Over in Somerset, […]


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