Actor’s mad rant against pro-hunting scientist – Fieldsports News, 22 July 2020


Here are the links:

Actor says hunters are like paedophiles – Fieldsports News
New vegan vandal attack on Brighton butcher – Facebook
Goshawk killing ‘was on Queen’s land’ says newspaper – Yorkshire Post
BBC bigs up grousemoors – worth a watch – BBC2
Newspaper gives TV star Phil Spencer a hard time for hunting – Daily Star
Royal Marines head to Scotland for Highland training – Instagram
Sweden’s food supply ‘threatened’ by militant animal rights activists –
Myanmar conservation plan criticised by West – New York Times
Newspaper scrutinised over hunting tourism claims – The Times
British celebrities told to quit Africa campaigns – letter
PayPal shuts down gun shop’s accounts – Facebook
Kiwi government killing tahr before cull consultation – Facebook
Scottish keepers keeping up with fashion trends – Facebook

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