Fieldsports Britain – Ollie Williams ❤️🏝️ hunts a muntie


Ollie Williams is stalking muntjac with Hampshire deer manager Ben Heath. Ben is about to launch a new venison-in-the-post service called Deer Box. Plus he advocates copper bullets, which means we have to talk to firearms expert Andrew Venables (it’s in the rules – talking about copper? talk to Andrew Venables).

Over in Somerset, things are not going to well for Matt Turley. The corvid king is trying out a rabbit day with a team of guns, and the overnight rain has put paid to the rabbits. We have the results of our dogfood and dog box survey, plus which dogs to you all own? Charlie has the best hunting videos in this week’s Hunting YouTube and David is on the News Stump. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Thanks to:
Ben Heath and
Andrew Venables and
Ollie Williams and – Ollie also made this film about this outing
Ollie is using a Browning X-Bolt. Click here for the Browning website

Dogs survey results
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How to deal with antis
23 July, live webinar, starting at 6pm. Free to members and shareholders. To buy a ticket to watch it (£10), click here

Fieldsports News
Actor says hunters are like paedophiles – Fieldsports News
New vegan vandal attack on Brighton butcher – Facebook
Goshawk killing ‘was on Queen’s land’ says newspaper – Yorkshire Post
BBC bigs up grousemoors – worth a watch – BBC2
Newspaper gives TV star Phil Spencer a hard time for hunting – Daily Star
Royal Marines head to Scotland for Highland training – Instagram
Sweden’s food supply ‘threatened’ by militant animal rights activists –
Myanmar conservation plan criticised by West – New York Times
Newspaper scrutinised over hunting tourism claims – The Times
British celebrities told to quit Africa campaigns – letter
PayPal shuts down gun shop’s accounts – Facebook
Kiwi government killing tahr before cull consultation – Facebook
Scottish keepers keeping up with fashion trends – Facebook

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Hunting YouTube

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