Will Boris’s biodiversity boost work?

    Ben O’Rourke The UK’s wildlife is in danger and needs protecting, says Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He doesn’t say from what, but says the government will designate another 4,000 square kilometres of land as protected, taking the total up to 30% of the devolved kingdoms’ land. Some wildlife groups have welcomed the move, […]

The fight for Welsh rook-shooting – Fieldsports News, 30 September 2020

  Here are the links: High Court allows BASC to join general licences review – Fieldsports News Capgen 1: Petition to make trespass criminal could subvert sabs – Change.org Cumbria police alter ‘illegal hunting’ poster after complaints – Facebook Gamekeepers targeted after golden eagle tracker find – Guardian Grantham man guilty of possessing goshawks – […]

Best hunting knives 2020

 Everyone has an opinion about their knife – not always good. Fieldsports Channel viewers are often critical of their own blades. Perhaps the perfect knife is yet to be made. Lockdown saw you the Fieldsports Channel viewers filling out our survey: 3,500 responses of which 528 were on the subject of knives. The most […]

Catapult pest control with thermal imagers

  Squirrel shooting with thermal, feral pigeons and even bigger birds. That’s the challenge facing ace catapult shot Wayne Martin. He proves the rule that if you can make the shot, you can take the shot – if you can’t, don’t. For Cattyshack, visit CattyShack.co.uk For Pulsar’s Helion2 thermal spotter, go to ThomasJacks.co.uk/pulsar/product.asp?ref=4147  

Fieldsports Britain – Wayne’s thermal catty hunt

  Top catapult shot Wayne Martin is out after pests on Andy Crow’s farm – and he has a thermal spotter to help him do it. In his sights are squirrels, feral pigeons and even a goose – because he’s good enough. We also look at perruque deer. Oliver Rampley is a new kind of […]


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