The fight for Welsh rook-shooting – Fieldsports News, 30 September 2020


Here are the links:
High Court allows BASC to join general licences review – Fieldsports News
Capgen 1: Petition to make trespass criminal could subvert sabs –
Cumbria police alter ‘illegal hunting’ poster after complaints – Facebook
Gamekeepers targeted after golden eagle tracker find – Guardian
Grantham man guilty of possessing goshawks – Grantham Journal
Venison industry ‘in peril’, says newspaper – Daily Telegraph
Perthshire gamekeepers ask for protection after attacks on estates – The Courier
Wold mauls horse mauled to death – Facebook
Details of Remington split revealed – Outdoor Wire
‘More hunting, less COVID’ – Twitter
Wolves attack US military personnel – Charlotte Observer
Fatally feisty fox has beef with cows

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