Shooting/gun accessories companies YouTube channel ranking

FoxPro takes the top slot, moving up the Socialblade rank from third place, where it is replaced by previous winner Primos Hunting. Televisually, bird and animal calling companies have an advantage over other accessories companies, because their products lend themselves to popular films on YouTube. Foxpro has almost doubled its subscriber count on YouTube in 18 months.

YETI remains in second place through brute force of media spend, though its run-in with the American NRA in the first half of 2019 did not endear it to gun owners. YETI cut ties with the NRA, leading some NRA members to put up films of them blowing up their YETI coolers, which is likely to have maintained the company’s social media profile. YETI has dropped a long way from its strong first place in 2018.

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The bottom five channels are unranked on SocialBlade.

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