North American hunting channels YouTube ranking

This is the list of top North American hunting channels on YouTube. European hunting channels’ domination of YouTube is over. The Americans are late to the party but are capturing swathes of audience on YouTube.

You want to be a popular hunter in the US? Start by being a young, cute boy. Cute girls need not apply, if the latest YouTube ranking is anything to go by.

Flair leads the charge, taking the top slot from DeerMeatForDinner, now pushed into second place. Kendall Gray holds third place and Lunkers TV moves into fourth place.

Andrew Flair and Kendall Gray worked hard in 2019, almost doubling their YouTube subscribers. While Kendall’s views rose 43%, Andrew’s went up 116%.

All these channels can count their subscribers in the millions and their views in the hundreds of millions.

Bad news for the traditional OTT TV channels such as Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and Wild TV. They are all fallers.

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