Antis attack democracy: Lithuania bows to pressure, scraps bowhunting law after it’s in effect

Antis have interfered in the Lithuanian legal system by forcing the reversal of a law allowing bowhunting.

Authorities ditched legalisation allowing bowhunting just days after it was enforced, in a shocking attack on the country’s democratic process.

Deputy environment minister Rasa Vaitkevičiūtė, who supported the new law, resigned over the revision.

The U-turn came after anti-hunting groups claimed bows and arrows were cruel to animals, despite research saying they are just as efficient and humane as hunting with rifles.

Nordic Safari Club’s Jens Ulrik Høgh said they presented no proof to back up their claims.

Because of his support for the bowhunting law, he’s also been attacked on social media by antis telling him to die. Previously antis have said they hope his children get cancer.

He told Fieldsports Britain he believes the hunting community needs to be more organised and united when dealing with opposition groups, which are influencing hunting laws across Europe.

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