Antis fake grouseshooting poll

Antis may have used internet ‘bots’ to change a newspaper grouse-shooting poll from overwhelming in favour of the sport, to appearing to show that Scotland is against it.

After running at 76% in favour of grouseshooting, the poll in the Scottish Herald racked up 17,373 votes against in just four hours, ending 77% against it.

12 hours later, and there had been almost no more anti-grouse-shooting votes.

The antis’ actions come in the same week a survey, commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland, claims that 71 per cent are opposed to grouse shooting, with only 12 per cent in favour of the sport. The Diffley Partnership surveyed 1,364 people via the ScotPulse online panel in early October.

The League has used Diffley to carry out polls before, including one that found 80% of Scots opposed foxhunting.

Criticised: Mark Diffley


Founder Mark Diffley drew criticism while he worked at pro-independence thinktank Progress Scotland, where the Scottish Sun newspaper reports the Scottish Government hired him to choose the 120 people who will sit on a ‘Citizens’ Assembly’ to ‘help shape Scotland’s future’.

Thanks to Ethical Carnivore for this tip.


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