Härkila Pro Hunter Move hunting jacket – review

Setting your sights on a hunting jacket? Härkila got high marks in our apparel surveys. Most mentioned was the Pro Hunter Move jacket. James from the UK says in our survey that the Pro Hunter is a “pricey jacket but you get what you pay for”. Härkila could still make improvements. Another James from the […]

Härkila‘s Pro Hunter trousers – review

Pants, breeks, breeches, waterproofs – call them what you want but they’re all trousers. The standout brands in our survey are Deerhunter and Härkila. Deerhunter was the choice of most people, beating Härkila by one vote. But the single most popular design by far was Härkila‘s Pro Hunter. Ian from UK says they are “the […]

Vorn’s Lynx rucksack – review

Our Fieldtester surveys have produced some surprising results. In this case, if you want the best rucksack then you need to join the army. It’s army suruplus rucksacks that win the prize for most popular hunting rucksacks among Fieldsports Channel viewers.   If that’s not an option then don’t worry, we have another. Vorn’s Lynx […]

Deerhunter Ram vs Musto Highland Gore-Tex shooting jackets

Deerhunter scored high in our clothing survey, with its products vying for the top spot in several categories. Top manufacturer for jackets is Deerhunter, according to Fieldsports Channel viewers. For shooting, its Ram jackets are in first place, fitting the company’s description as “one of the most well known shooting jackets”. In our survey, Mark […]

Antis fake grouseshooting poll

Antis may have used internet ‘bots’ to change a newspaper grouse-shooting poll from overwhelming in favour of the sport, to appearing to show that Scotland is against it. After running at 76% in favour of grouseshooting, the poll in the Scottish Herald racked up 17,373 votes against in just four hours, ending 77% against it. […]