Deerhunter Ram vs Musto Highland Gore-Tex shooting jackets

Deerhunter scored high in our clothing survey, with its products vying for the top spot in several categories. Top manufacturer for jackets is Deerhunter, according to Fieldsports Channel viewers.

For shooting, its Ram jackets are in first place, fitting the company’s description as “one of the most well known shooting jackets”.

In our survey, Mark from the UK called it a “really good practical jacket”.

Ram jacket


Features include a removable hood, anti-slip gun supports on the shoulder, two-way zip, folding seating pad and seven pockets.

Unfortunately Deerhunter no longer makes the jackets but they are still available. Swillington Shooting Supplies is selling it for £90, and it is also available on Amazon.

The Deerhunter jacket on Amazon


If you want something that is easier to find but pricier, then Musto is an option. Its Highland Gore-Tex appears numerous times in our survey. The company says it is “made for shooting in temperate, changeable weather”.

British shooter Martin agrees, saying in our survey he had “never had a jacket keep me so dry in the wet”. However, Musto is not as popular as Deerhunter, according to Fieldsports Channel viewers.

The Highland Gore-Tex features a waist adjuster for a tailored fit and “enhanced heat retention”. The company says its made for complete waterproof and windproof protection, while allowing for breathability.

It’s £325 on the Musto website but nearly £100 cheaper on Millbry Hill’s website and on Amazon:

The Musto jacket on Amazon

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