Australia mulls shark cull

Australia is considering a shark cull after the death of a teenage surfer. Laeticia Brouwer was on a family holiday at Kelp Beds in the south coast of Western Australia, when she was attacked by a shark. Her father was surfing with her and brought her to the shore after the attack but she had […]

Bear scares bicyclists

Bikers and bears don’t mix. Dušan Vinžík was biking with his buddy in Slovakia when a Eurasian brown bear dashes out at them. It looks like the animal wants to give them a scare – and it works. Dušan’s video on YouTube has been watched millions of times.

KUIU ‘hunting film’ award winners

US clothing company Kuiu has announced the six winners of its hunting film competition. Winner of the top prize is Jay Park of 5IY who made a film about five people hunting Aoudad rams in West Texas. For more on the winners, go to More and more Americans are videoing their hunts – Research […]

The first Guntiques Roadshow

Forget the Antiques Roadshow – it’s the Guntiques Roadshow and it is taking place at this year’s Game Fair, at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire on 28-30 July 2017. Top gun experts Bill Harriman of BASC, who also works for the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, Nick Holt and Gavyn Gardner will be on hand to value items […]

30 bee stings a week help Lyme disease symptoms

Ingrid Watt

A Lyme disease sufferer gets her husband to sting her with bees 30 times a week as she believes it helps with her symptoms. Ingrid Watt, 36, buys bees online and then asks her partner Darren to hold the bees against her back with a tweezer until they sting her. She leaves the stings in […]

Seagulls run over ‘on purpose’

It looks like Eastbourne residents are taking the law into their own hands. A local wildlife rescue outfit reports that person or persons baited a road with bread, attracted seagulls and then ran over them with a car. A rescue volunteer says they killed three gulls. We made a film showing how gull attacks are becoming […]

Have you ever been chased by an otter?

Have you ever been chased by an otter?

This video shows exactly what it is like to be chased by an otter. Passer-by Rory MacPherson from Lockerbie stopped to take a photo – but the otter was not pleased about having its picture taken, and saw the person off back to their car. Ever been chased by an otter? Rory MacPherson, from Lockerbie […]

Drivers terror as deer smashes through windscreen

Deer through windscreen

A driver has told of her terror as a deer smashed through her windscreen and landed on her 10-year-old daughter’s lap. The incident happened in Humberston, Lincolnshire. A car travelling in the opposite direction hit the deer and sent it flying into the air. It landed on the other side of the road smashing through […]

Scottish gamekeepers and mountaineers unite over tree plan

Gamekeepers and mountaineers in Scotland are uniting to oppose plans that would see thousands of acres of trees planted. The Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) and the Mountaineering Scotland groups usually have differing views but have a found a common goal in trying to stop the Draft Climate Change Plan. The plan has been introduced by […]

Gun rights activists march in California

Gun rights advocates have marched on the California state capital building in Sacramento. They say that the state’s gun control measures infringe their rights as American citizens. California is making it illegal to own certain types of rifles. In July 2016, state lawmakers passed legislation outlawing rifles equipped with “bullet buttons” that allow for fast […]

Wales launches review into firearms on public land

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has launched a review into the land it manages. The organisation says it wants to looks into animal welfare and safety concerns. The review will also look into how others use NRW managed land. The report is backed by animal rights group Animal Aid, which says pheasant shoots pose a risk to […]

Dog attack leaves three deer dead

A walker was “horrified” when she saw dogs running off of a lead attacking a herd of deer, leaving three of them dead. Debbie Ticehurst witnessed the incident near Newick, Sussex. She saw a whippet type dog and a terrier with an owner who could not control them. She told The Argus newspaper: “One deer […]

Behold: the Trumpigator

An orange alligator has taken social media by storm. The Trumpigator’s orange skin makes it look like the US President.

Birds of prey flying in style

This photo was posted on the forum website Caption reads:  “My captain friend sent me this. Saudi price bought ticket for his 80 hawks”. Among airlines that carry falcons, UAE-based Etihad says in a statement: “We accept the carriage of falcons in the main aircraft cabin provided that all the necessary documents have been […]

Man-eating tiger caught

Indian villagers have captured a man-eating tiger after it mauled six people. The tiger became a maneater after escaping from the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve in Uttar Pradesh. After it killed a night watchman, locals formed a search party. They flattened sugarcane crops to make way for forest rangers riding elephants, who shot it with a […]

Fishing just got fashionable

Move over Airgun World and Trout & Salmon. New British Vogue editor Roy Hobbs says he intends to make the fashion magazine the “number one” magazine for air rifles and fishing. He says: “Vogue has always kept readers informed about which lip gloss gives the best long-lasting shine, but not the best way to finish off a […]

Antis swing dead animal around pub

Antis protesting against fox hunting burst into a pub and left customers and staff upset after swinging a dead animal. However, it looks like North Wales Hunt Saboteurs chose the wrong pub. The landlord of the Fox & Barrel pub posted the following on Facebook: “At no point, has any staff from the Fox & Barrel […]

Moose saved from ice

This video shows the moment a moose that is stranded in the middle of a frozen lake is freed by ice-skating passers-by.

Buck sheds antlers for the camera

This video shared by Heartland Bowhunter on Facebook shows the incredible moment when a young buck is running along and sheds its antlers right in front of the camera.

Giraffe saved from being stuck in fence

This video doing the rounds on Facebook has more than 700,000 views. It shows a giraffe stuck in a wired fence in what looks like a game reserve. Once cut free, the animal takes a while to get to its feet before it limps off into the distance to join other giraffes.

Poachers behead white lion

Poachers have killed a white lion a game farm in Polokwane, South Africa. Pocher have killed six lions in the province since January and left two others seriously ill after feeding them poisoned chicken meat. The poachers cut off the head and paws of the animal but were disturbed before they could remove the skin.

Vegan calls RSPCA to stop ferreters

A vegan woman called the RSPCA to stop ferreters. Kim Wright saw ferreters at work clearing rabbits in Trafford Park, Manchester, as she was passing in her car. She filmed the incident on her phone, sharing the footage on social media and she called the RSPCA. The rabbit cull is being carried out by a contractor using […]

Advertising’s best shot

It’s the world of shooting’s current favourite commercial. This film is an advert made by German health food manufacturer Doppel Herz showing off a product made to support healthy eyes. The scene filmed in a shooting range shows some remarkable results.

PETA’s fur fury over Warhammer

The global figure phenomenon Warhammer gained a little more interest that it planned with its latest release. The futuristic wargame played with figurines, has warriors and characters wearing faux fur and this has annoyed PETA. The animal rights group released a statement condemning the fake costumes and even asked the Warhammer CEO to ban the […]

Hare fights back

This video of a brave hare fighting of a large bird of prey has gone viral. The clip doing the rounds on Facebook via shows the bird coming down trying despatch the hare. However, it does not expect the hare to put up a fight-back – with the old one-two.


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