Fieldsports Channel bloopers 2022

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It’s all the silly bits from our films in 2022. Thanks to everyone for taking part 🙂

More of our blooper reels here:

Bloopers 2021

It’s another year of manic mishaps, corny cock-ups and disasters-aplenty from  the Fieldsports Channel film crew and presenters. Here’s our worst… More bloopers from previous

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Bloopers 2020

  It’s our outtakes and mistakes from filming during the extraordinary year that was 2020. Well, coronavirus or no coronavirus, we have still been making

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Bloopers 2019

You’ve seen the ups. Here are the downs. These are all the outtakes from a year of making films on Fieldsports Channel. No animals were

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Bloopers 2018

We have had a wonderful year making films about hunting and shooting in 2018. It hasn’t always gone smoothly. Here are the best of the

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Fieldsports Channel’s bloopers/funnies/cockups 2011

Bloopers 2009-2011

  Here are just a few of our out-takes and funnies saved from the cutting room floor from our first 100 programmes of Fieldsports Britain.

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Airgun Bloopers

We’ve had a laugh making AirHeads in 2014. Here are the silly outtakes, the behind the scenes stuff. This item appears in AirHeads, episode 26.

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Bloopers 2017

Bloopers 2017

Here are the highs, the lows and the even lowers of making a weekly show about hunting and shooting during 2017. We’re already looking forward

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Bloopers 2016

Work with people like Roy, Crow and the rest, and it’s not all going to go according to plan. And it doesn’t. Here is where

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Bloopers… and the rest

Bloopers 2015

Some of the outtakes from 2015. Happy New Year! This item appears in Fieldsports Britain episode 318. To watch the whole show go to

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Bloopers 2014

It’s the Fieldsports Britain bloopers/outtakes reel for 2014. Here’s where it all went wrong… This item appears in Fieldsports Britain, episode 265. To watch the

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Fieldsports Channel’s Bloopers/funnies/cockups 2012

Bloopers 2012

It may come as a bit of a surprise but sometimes our well oiled production team and presenters don’t always get it right – here

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