Here are the bowhunting companies’ rankings on YouTube. The major advantage of bowhunting from a TV point of view is that it brings the audience much, much closer to the action than hunting with a rifle. Hoyt Archery tops the list of companies capitalising on this to sell its products.

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Socialblade Ranking
01 (socialblade)Hoyt (channel)
02 (socialblade)Bear Archery (channel)
03 (socialblade)Mathews (channel)
04 (socialblade)Easton (channel)
05 (socialblade)Rage Broadheads (channel)
06 (socialblade)Swhacker Broadheads (channel)
07 (socialblade)Rexpid Broadheads (channel)
08 (socialblade)Martin (channel)
09 (socialblade)Diamond Archery (channel)
10 (socialblade)Ramcat Broadheads (channel)
11 (socialblade)Muzzy Broadheads - not listed on SocialBlade (channel)
12 (socialblade)SWAT Broadheads - not listed on SocialBlade (channel)


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Bowhunting business YouTube channel ranking