Sholling Carp under Snags

Sholling Carp under Snags

We’re out after carp with our submarine camera and fishing rod, seeing just how they behave when you drop bait for them in cold conditions.

Stinky Stuff test on trout

Additives on Flies? Do trout have an appetite? Fishing Britain took some StinkyStuff original additive to Big Well fishery to try this miracle attracter on

How to Trout Whisper – Fishing Britain

How to Trout Whisper

You won’t believe what the trout whisperer does to guarantee a take. Try it yourself and let us know how you get on.

Surface fishing for Pike

Ant Glascoe and Aaron Jones find a carp lake where the predators are smashing the surface lures. 20 pike caught in one day, that’s Pike-ariffic,

Leaky carp lakes

At Higher farm fisheries, owner Robert Dimond has a problem pond and he is going to have to empty it to repair the leaks. Using

How do Spods and Spombs work

How do Spods and Spombs work

Carp anglers: take a look from the fish’s point of view and see how spods and spombs deliver your bait. It’s ROVTV. This item first

Fishing with your daughter

Wet and wild weather in south wales and Hywel Morgan challenges his daughter to a comp with high stakes. For more on Garnffrwd Fishery visit

GWCT salmon research

It is widely accepted that a global decline has occurred in Atlantic salmon since the 1970s and the Trust’s fascinating catchment-based ‘natural laboratory’ on the

Gamers go shooting for real

We take some of the biggest names in gaming on YouTUbe – ChrisTrout91, Callux, TBJZL, DDot, TWiiNSANE – out to try out real rifles and

Wreck fishing for record cod

In April 2012 we chartered a boat out of Eastbourne in search of the old king cod. Deep Blue Charters had just broken the record

Cormorants and coarse fishing

The Kennet in the Thames valley is a beautiful place to fish whatever the time of year – especially when you’re allowed somewhere slightly off

Fishing for Schools

Fishing for Schools

Top flyfisher Charles Jardine explains the UK’s Fishing For Schools project, which is backed by the Countryside Alliance. This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain,

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