Charlie goes on RSCPA day release – Shooting Politics, episode 7

Badger bumped by a car? Knock it on the head.
Oiled seabird? Give it a lethal injection.

That may become official policy from the UK animal welfare charity RSPCA if research it is conducting finds that releasing some species of wildlife does not lead to high survival rates in the wild. If it finds that a wildlife species does not survive for long after being released, it will explore two options. One is to change the rehabilitation to see if there is a better way of rehabilitating that species to improve its survival. The other option is to say no. This species can’t be rehabilitated.

Following, the tragic case of the Golden Eagle that died in RSPCA care, Charlie Jacoby spends time on ‘day release’ in an RSPCA wildlife centre and discusses raptors, badgers, swans, seals, releasing and rehoming with centre manager and falconer Rupert Griffiths – with surprisingly interesting results!

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