The British countrysports debate programme. Filmed at the Countryside Alliance headquarters in London, on the panel is: Countryside Alliance head of media Tim Bonner, BASC South-West regional director Jamie Stewart, chief executive of the Roxtons sporting agency Christopher Robinson and David Pardoe from the rural depart of estate agent Savills. Questions they are answering are: • If someone offers you a 1,000-bird partridge day, do you have them arrested or do you recommend them for a Queens Award for exports? • Whats the moral basis for flying in to an estate, shooting a large animal that lives there and flying out the next day? What are shooters/hunters/anglers responsibilities to their quarry? • Is snaring under threat and, if so, why? • As taxpayers, we own the MoD’s land and the Forestry Commission land – so how come it’s so difficult to shoot and fish on them? Shouldn’t the Government follow the Duchy of Cornwall’s lead, which offers some of the best value fishing in the country? • If foxhunting had been on the telly in the 1980s like football and snooker was, would any government have dared to ban it?

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