Pheasants and partridges

How to sell 30 million pheasants

Every gameshooting season in the UK, around 30 million pheasants are shot. Many go to supermarkets and the catering trade, and some go home with

Best of British: the shooting suit

Everything you always wanted to know about shooting suits: the tweed, the cut, the options. Charlie Jacoby meets Justin Block of Justin Block Tailoring to

Irish keeper’s day

Jason Doyle and his girlfriend Carly join the Shelton Abbey Shoot in Co Wicklow for the end-of-season keeper’s day, where the gamekeeper gets to thank

Never Never Let Your Gun…

‘A Father’s Advice’ was written by a member of Parliament, Mark Hanbury Beaufoy, who gave it to his 15-year-old son at Christmas 1902 along with

High Pheasants: Sweet Lamb Shoot

High Pheasants: Sweet Lamb Shoot

  High-bird specialist Ross Neville tries out the Sweet Lamb shoot in Wales. Well-known as a rally circuit, Sweet Lamb also has a fabulous shoot,

The Beating Line: Beaters’ Day

The Beating Line: Beaters’ Day

At last it comes round. In the final film in our Beaters’ Line series, it’s the end-of-season beaters’ day. Our three heroes – Jack, Richard

High Pheasants: Upperwood Estate

Close-up, slow-motion photography reveals just how much lead a high pheasant needs, as Andy Crow goes shooting in Yorkshire on of the UK’s specialist high-pheasant

Hampshire Macnab

Every area has its own Macnab. In Hampshire, says Keith and Gavin from local sporting agent Glorious Game, it’s a roebuck, a partridge and a

High pheasants: Llechweddygarth

High pheasants: Llechweddygarth

Probably the highest pheasants in the UK: Ross Neville goes to the incredible Llechweddygarth in Wales, which is on top of its game. The shoot

Shooting over solar farms

Hampshire gamekeeper Dean Strangeway explains why solar farms are so good for shoots – because they are good for wildlife. Reporter is Alex Howell. This

Bird flu and gameshooting

Bird flu is on the rise. It was found in Norfolk in early June 2017. DEFRA confirms that H5N8 avian flu is in a small

How a field trial works

Paul Childerley is hosting a field trial – and Andy Crow joins him to help put birds on the ground for the dog handlers. Find

On Test: Browning B15 Beauchamp

Top clay shot Josh Bridges tries out the new Browning B15 ‘Beauchamp’ on the Bolton Hall shoot in Lancashire’s Ribble Valley. The 2016 World Junior

What to Wear out Shooting?

Gameshooting in the UK has a strong sense of fashion, believe it or not. Here is what to wear if you are asked pheasant or

Hunting Model

Crow is looking good as he shoots pheasants with Childerley Sporting in the English Home Counties. The reason? He is modelling the new range of

Guns & Cartridges

Going gameshooting in the UK? Don’t know what to bring by way of guns and cartridges? This film is for you. Edward King lays it

Dogs on shoots

You are going on a British gameshooting day. But can you bring your gundog? In the latest in his Shoot Curious series, Edward King gives

Food and drink at shoots

You are going on a British gameshooting day. But what do you eat and drink? In the latest in his Shoot Curious series, Edward King

How to tip the Gamekeeper

Don’t be intimidated by the funny way shooters tip keepers. Here is what to do if you are asked on a driven bird shoot in

Michaela Hunts Black Cock

Michaela Fialova is out after black cocks in Sweden. She learns how to shoot them, skin them and cook them with the people from Camp

Cabot’s tragopan

Cabot’s tragopan

It is the story of as rare pheasant. Here is how the World Pheasant Association is running a breeding project in the UK in order

Bornean peacock-pheasant

Bornean peacock-pheasant

The rarest and least-known of the peacock-pheasants, here is how the World Pheaant Association is running a breeding project in the UK in order to

Last day of the pheasants

Last day of the pheasants

Fancy a day’s driven pheasant shooting? The 2015-2016 season ends with a 300-bird beaters’ day, and the shoot that Andy Crow knows and loves most

Malayan peacock-pheasant

Malayan peacock-pheasant

The Malayan peacock-pheasant also known as crested peacock-pheasant or Malaysian peacock-pheasant is critically endangered. Step forward the World Pheasant Association which is working hard to

Michaela gets some beating…

Michaela gets some beating…

Michaela gets some beating… on a pheasant shoot. The beaters are the people who make the birds fly for the guns. The top hunting star


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