‘A Father’s Advice’ was written by a member of Parliament, Mark Hanbury Beaufoy, who gave it to his 15-year-old son at Christmas 1902 along with a 28-bore. The Edwardian gun safety video has charmed generations of British shooters, and many are not allowed to pick up a gun until they learn it. In this video, the Fieldsports Channel guys come together too recite it for you. Thanks also to shareholder Tim Newcombe and his and other kids from South-East Cornwall for taking part.

If you have a young or old friend who is taking up shooting, please share it with them.

Here are the words:

If a sportsman true you’d be,
Listen carefully to me…

Never, never let your gun
Pointed be at anyone.
That it may unloaded be
Matters not the least to me.

When a hedge or fence you cross
Though of time it cause a loss,
From your gun the cartridge take
For the greater safety’s sake.

If twixt you and neighbouring gun,
Bird shall fly or beast may run,
Let this maxim ere be thine:
‘Follow not across the line.’

Stops and beaters oft unseen
Lurk behind some leafy screen.
Calm and steady always be.
‘Never shoot where you can’t see.’

Keep your place and silent be;
Game can hear, and game can see;
Don’t be greedy, better spared
Is a pheasant, than one shared.

You may kill or you may miss
But at all times think this:
‘All the pheasants ever bred
Won’t repay for one man dead.’

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