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How to save rhinos

by Charlie Jacoby It’s dark. The baby rhino is in the South African savannah with her mother. Dawn is coming. She has survived the night

The gunshop YouTuber who hunts Russians

youtu.be/BjlFn8H3zBg by Deborah Hadfield The hunting season in Ukraine runs from September until February. Ukrainians and overseas hunters stalk wild boar, deer and mouflon. Bear

Epic goose shooting

It is one of the most exciting goose hunts in the world. Sweden has a massive goose pest problem, and Wayne Martin from the UK,

Shooters across Europe support Ukraine

by Deborah Hadfield Shooters from across Europe are supporting refugees. The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation is mobilising its members and partners to

Shooters beat Packham in Wales

Wild Justice has lost its court case to limit pest control in Wales. In a High Court judgement, Judge Jarman QC rejected all three of

Zoo plans to destroy its animals

  by Ben O’Rourke “I’d rather starve than watch these die,” Tracy Tweedy tells me inside the Snake House, one of the exhibits at Borth

Rook shooting banned in Wales

Rook shooting banned in Wales

The Welsh government has banned the shooting of several birds under new general licences. Due to come into force on 7 October 2019, there are

How to Breast a Goose

Thorfinn Craigie on Orkney is one of the few butchers in the UK allowed to deal in wild greylags. He is an expert on breasting

Superb goose shooting in Orkney

The Orkneys is a Mecca for goose shooters. Huge numbers of greylags come through the islands every year, and goes guide Steve Rogers of Orkney

High Pheasants: Sweet Lamb Shoot

High Pheasants: Sweet Lamb Shoot

  High-bird specialist Ross Neville tries out the Sweet Lamb shoot in Wales. Well-known as a rally circuit, Sweet Lamb also has a fabulous shoot,

High pheasants: Llechweddygarth

High pheasants: Llechweddygarth

Probably the highest pheasants in the UK: Ross Neville goes to the incredible Llechweddygarth in Wales, which is on top of its game. The shoot


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