Filming work

  • Unless otherwise arranged, we will deliver a finished film, based on a charging rate of our day-rate plus expenses.
  • Please remember that filming is easy – editing is the tricky bit. Typically, half a day’s filming requires a full day’s editing.
  • Through our film, viewers will see your products/services in a positive, upbeat light. They will be introduced to the people behind your products/services or, even better, to your company ‘ambassadors’.
  • This product placement will be attached to a narrative designed to attract viewers. The public can therefore ‘visit’ your business and see first hand where products/services come from and who sells/makes them, and/or see the brands/products/ services in action in the
  • Our films are included in Fieldsports Channel’s weekly programming.
  • The films are also yours to use on your website, at game fairs, trade shows, DVD handouts, marketing etc.
  • We own the original track and the rushes.
  • We will host the film for you on YouTube from where it easy to embed it in your website, or email it to your customers, or post it on Facebook pages.
  • You may not host the films elsewhere on the internet, either on your own media server or on another YouTube channel without prior arrangement.
  • We provide you consultancy with a Fieldsports Channel producer
  • We provide a staffed and equipped shoot, including HDV camera, tripod, radio microphone etc
  • We provide an edited film including your logos plus any product footage you can supply, titles and music (royalty free)
  • We provide one pass for re-edit. Our Fieldsports Channel editors will edit the video according to your brief, upload the film for you to view online, and give you the opportunity to let us know changes. Our editors will not be able to re-edit indefinitely, so it is vital that you give us all of your changes at this stage.
  • We can provide a DVD copy of the video. It is up to you to get that copied. We can put you in touch with DVD copiers.
  • Your film will be completed, delivered to you and used in Fieldsports Channel’s programming within a month of the filming date, although it can be much quicker. Or it can be timed to go alongside a new product launch you may be planning.
  • Unless otherwise arranged, we invoice the full amount on delivery of the video and terms are 30 days.
  • Our films are designed to connect fieldsports businesses with consumers. We are here to provide audience for you – not to make dull corporate videos
  • We offer a number of options to help promote your video, including our own remarketing list, the Google and Facebook ad networks, YouTube, and services such as, and, as well as on the giant outdoor video screens we operate at UK game fairs. These are available by separate negotiation.
  • Films we promote for you or host for you on YouTube must comply with YouTube’s own terms of service.

Please contact us for more information: Get in touch with James Westbrook +447718126762, Charlie Jacoby +44 7850 195353, or David Wright +44 7825 388136

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