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Bloopers 2020

  It’s our outtakes and mistakes from filming during the extraordinary year that was 2020. Well, coronavirus or no coronavirus, we have still been making

YouTube gun channel ranking

This is the list of top gun channels on YouTube. If you take YouTube to be a marker for general cultural popularity, gun channels are

Knifemaker YouTube channel ranking

These is the list of top knifemaker channels on YouTube. From knife-sharpening how-to videos to films about using knives in the field, they are vying

Airgun YouTube channel ranking

There was a time when airgun channels had the highest views of all the shooting sports channels on  YouTube. Some of the gloss has come

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Join the Fieldsports Nation Support your sport Fieldsports Nation is the collective name for members of the countrysports community who have banded together to support

Blooper Reel 2018

We have had a wonderful year making films about hunting and shooting in 2018. It hasn’t always gone smoothly. Here are the best of the

Airgun Bloopers

We’ve had a laugh making AirHeads in 2014. Here are the silly outtakes, the behind the scenes stuff. This item appears in AirHeads, episode 26.

Bloopers 2017

Bloopers 2017

Here are the highs, the lows and the even lowers of making a weekly show about hunting and shooting during 2017. We’re already looking forward

How to place ads on any of our films

You can  place adverts on Fieldsports Channel’s films without paying Fieldsports Channel. You can link your Google Adwords account to our YouTube channel. That gives

Bloopers and Outtakes

Work with people like Roy, Crow and the rest, and it’s not all going to go according to plan. And it doesn’t. Here is where

Bloopers… and the rest

Bloopers… and the rest

Some of the outtakes from 2015. Happy New Year! This item appears in Fieldsports Britain episode 318. To watch the whole show go to

Our Top Five Death Threats

Our Top Five Death Threats

Those cuddly peace-loving anti-hunters had a special year in 2014, issuing more than 250 death threats to us via YouTube comments, Twitter and Facebook. Here

Fieldsports Britain Bloopers 2014

It’s the Fieldsports Britain bloopers/outtakes reel for 2014. Here’s where it all went wrong… This item appears in Fieldsports Britain, episode 265. To watch the

Press release: new fishing TV show launches

PRESS RELEASE 10th January 2014 Former Miss Switzerland contender Xenia  Tchoumitcheva presents Swiss trout fishing for Fieldsports Britain. Click here for more free-use pictures Never


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