Fieldsports Britain – Snow Hare Hunt

Watch eagle acrobatics as they hunt mountain hares in Scotland. The Angus Glens are a winter wonderland and Roy Lupton is there to catch hares for the pot with his golden eagle, plus there’s always a chance of a rabbit with the goshawk. Plus Charlie Jacoby is in Devon and Cornwall after snipe, woodcock and golden plover. News, Hunting YouTube and ‘Hallo Charlie!’ complete this bumper episode of #FieldsportsBritain.

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Roy’s clothing kindly supplied by ShooterKing
For still pictures from Roy’s shoot, visit
Here’s the link to #Eaglecam 1

Woodcock and snipe

For more about shooting at the Arundell Arms, visit
For the GWCT advice on woodcock shooting, go to

News is sponsored by Percussion
HM the Queen at the cocker championships. Photography by
East Sussex and Romney Marsh hounds star up cats’ home
Llechweddygarth has a new owner. Here’s our film about the shoot
JM Venter’s films about big game hunting in Tanzania
Wyoming considers banning hunting tech. Here’s a film from TrackingPoint–xw4xak
US YouTube channel holds week of hunting for college students
Antis invent ‘coywolf’ to get coyote hunting banned
For a full news round-up, go to

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▶ Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:

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