Fieldsports Britain – The 6ft fox

Roy calls a fox in to 6ft – ‘practically close enough to hug it’. He is using a Silva fox call from Australia. Meanwhile, Charlie’s out with a couple of foxshooters who have a dazzling array of calls but no foxes. They do have rabbits and a rimfire, all to the benefit of the championship golf course where they are lamping. David has news of the Australian cricketer who felt he needed to apologise for going hunting. ‘Hallo Charlie!’ features a gorgeous redhead (now officially adopted as our mascot). The Schools Challenge fitness instructor gives his tips for exercises you can do to limber up before a clay competition. And Hunting YouTube looks at the dreamy hunting films the gun trade are preparing for the IWA gun show in Germany next week. It’s all in this week’s packed Fieldsports Britain, out 7pm every Wednesday.

Find out more about the ATN night vision here

Here are the links to the items:

Roy’s fox calling

News Stump

‘Hallo Charlie!’

Golf course rabbits

Hunting YouTube

Shooter’s workout

Here are the ilnks for Hunting YouTube:
Halali MagazinTV
Browning Channel–wqY
Leon Van Haesebrouck
Hunting Game Working Dogs
Darvil McBride
Hushin With LaVere

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