Fieldsports Britain – Death threats for the man who smacks gundogs

It’s the scandal that’s rocking the gundog world. If you are training a working dog, how far should you go when it misbehaves? Some gundog trainers say rewards and treats are all a gundog needs. Others say ‘corrective’ training or smacking is the only method that works. The argument has led to an online campaign against one gundog trainer, Christopher Upton. He says that 95% of training should be fun-based – but he has received death threats. We look at both sides of the argument.
Meanwhile, we are at the gun trade show IWA in Germany to see what’s heading for gunshop shelves later this year. There is a whole new calibre, new scopes, binos and lots of clothing. There is News, there is Hunting YouTube – it’s another week in the life of #FieldsportsBritain

Here are the links:

▶ Dog Smacking

For Christopher Upton’s videos, visit
That angry phone call:
Online petition (archived):

▶ New Hunting Kit

We look at the 10.3×68 rifle round from RWS, Geco’s new optics and the new Zeiss Conquest V6 scope range, among others.
For more detail, go to

▶ News is sponsored by Baleno – here are the links:
BASC’s annus horribilis
Jordan hyena killer
Aussie fox bounty
Gamekeepers and mountaineers unite
Fire brigade squirrel slam
For a full news round-up, go to

Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:


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