Need to shoot lamp-shy foxes? Roy has got £8,000-worth of Pulsar thermal imaging kit to play with – and it’s devastatingly effective, especially on troublesome foxes that run away at the first glimpse of a lamp. He makes a big dent in his problem foxes.

That’s not all. Cai Ap Bryn goes on a ‘hunt swap’ in Norway with Johan Trygve ‘Trigger’ Solheim of the Svanøy Foundation, where he finds out how Norwegians call in red stags, before stalking his own for the pot. And West Country wildfowler Chris Green and pals walk the frontline of the First World War in aid of ABF The Soldier’s Charity.

Aaron is on the Fieldsports Chanel News Stump this week and Hunting YouTube brings you the best of the new hunting releases on YouTube. It’s a bumper episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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Thermal with Roy

Pulsar Accolade XP50 binos
Pulsar Trail XQ50 scope (on a .22-250)
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▶ Frontline Walk

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Countrysports Pride & Passion

Cai ap Bryn in Norway

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Kingussie school teaches game cookery
Antigun MPs’ ignorance
Hunting with two hounds ‘more cruel’ than using lots of hounds – shock!
Nevada employs Karelian bear dogs to scare bears

Maneater of Maharashtra

Elephants electrocuted
Dog shoots man
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