Fieldsports Britain – Charlie goes to China

For some people it’s all about finding the source of the Nile. In this week’s show, Charlie Jacoby tracks down the source of the pheasants. He goes to the mountains above the Yellow River in China to shoot the original pheasants. He is also in Shanghai, at the first ever China Hunting Show, finding out what the world’s most populous nation thinks of shooting and hunting sports. Meanwhile, back at home, Andy Crow is out on the jackdaws for the first Tim since the general licences crisis. Like many bird shooters around the UK, he is picking up the pieces of the government’s disastrous temporary ban on pest bird shooting. There’s a competition to win a Remington, there’s a Fieldsports Nation exclusive offer for Browning trailcams, David has the News, leading on the Countryside Rally in London this weekend, and there’s Hunting YouTube. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain.

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For the China Hunting Show, go to
Click here for all our films with Charlie
For Fieldsports Channel’s work in China, go to Fchanl/china
For the China Hunting Show story

For the China Hunting Show website, go to


For more on the general licences and what they mean for shooters, go to
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Fieldsports Nation exclusive offer
For £150 Browning trailcams at just £120, visit

£1,900 Remington & GPO competition
British entries only, please. Please like the show, comment on the show, and then pop over to the Raytrade UK Facebook page and like that. Competition will be drawn and announced on 17 July.

Fieldsports News
Countryside Rally – Facebook
Scottish ban on mammal management – Green Party press release
Birmingham drops shooting from 2022 Commonwealth Games
League Against Cruel Sports plans 10 August anti-grouseshooting day – Facebook
Antis threaten Gloucestershire butcher
DSC launches wild boar exam – website
Fungus threatens salmon – website
500 vultures die
Woman fined for feeding pigeons
Holland support for hunting animals for meat
Deer dying in Japan from eating plastic – Daily Telegraph
Crow looks like gorilla

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