Fieldsports Britain – Magic of Roe Deer

The roebuck is one of the most attractive deer we look after in the British countryside. As the roebuck season gets underway in the UK – with few of us allowed to go stalking – Niall Rowantree tells the story of the roe deer, its natural history and even its mythology. While most of us are locked down at home, we bring great British crafts to your door. Paul Childerley shows you scope maintenance – how to deep clean your optics. And Alan Johnson of Danum Blades explains how to make a knife and leather sheath. Meanwhile, news editor Ben O’Rourke is looking at animal charity funding. They want your cash – but do they spend it on on saving animals? David is on the News Stump and Charlie himself has Hunting YouTube, all in this week’s episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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Roe deer

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Scope cleaning

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Animal charities

Knife making

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How coronavirus is affecting shooting

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Fieldsports News
Hunt sabs warned against breaking lockdown rules – press release
Aussie guns and ammo sales ban
Cops hunt for destructive moorland bikers – Facebook
British Game Alliance in the soup
Birds of prey ‘poisoned’ in Derbyshire – newspaper
Prince’s red squirrel sanctuary plan hits snag – Daily Mail
GWCT slams BBC reports
Bumper bird counts from eagle-eyed farmers – press release
Badger cull success
English foxhounds help revive hunting in Pakistan – Facebook
CITES accused of putting animal rights above human rights – Facebook
Dog owners warned after wolf sightings
Australian hunters hail pest control success – Facebook
Aussie doomsday preppers heading into the bush – 9News
Norwegians lobbying to bring back bows and arrows – newspaper
Homeland security says gunshops and ranges ‘essential’ amid pandemic – press release
Top poaching investigator assassinated in South Africa – Sowetan Live
Guns offers London Macnab – GunsOnPegs

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