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We’re hunting under the warm waters of the English south coast. Game chef Cai Ap Bryn loads up his speargun to search the sea for bass, pollock, wrasse and lobster, and then to cook up a super seafood barbecue for some of the top names in spearfishing. It’s a growing sport – and the parallels with deerstalking and gameshooting are clear. Cai shows how he is getting into it. Meanwhile, back on dry land, Ollie Williams goes out after Dartmoor red stags and roebuck with Tom Davies of Dartmoor Deer Services. Badgers are back in the news, with the antis going illegal and releasing both personal information about badger cullers and details of how to wreck badger traps. Our news editor Ben O’Rourke finds out what you can do. And we reveal the results of our ear defenders survey – what hearing protection kit do Fieldsports Channel viewers use when they go shooting. Charlie has the best hunting videos in this week’s Hunting YouTube and David is on the News Stump. Another packed programme – this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Cai goes spearfishing
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Dartmoor deer
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To go shooting or stalking with Ollie, go to

Ollie is using a Browning X-Bolt. Click here for the Browning website


Badger cull data leak
Contact the Information Commissioner’s Office via its website

Fieldtester, episode 1
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Click here for more about the Digisight Ultra LRF N450

Fieldsports News
Sabs target Glorious Twelfth – Fieldsports News
Animal rights extremists try to sway Scottish government – SGA press release and Scottish government press release
SGA dismisses antis’ trap report as ‘propaganda’ – Scottish parliament PDF
British Deer Society venison webinar – YouTube
Game fair to open up ‘for the whole world’
GWCT book looks at farmland conservation – GWCT shop
Brit begins petition to bring back bow hunting – UK Parliament petitions and
Swedish anti-wolf shooting group shuts down
Livestock wolf kills double in Germany
Canadian rangers shoot popular bear
Kenya ‘zoo’ plan for national park even angers conservationists – The Guardian
Hug a tree and win a holiday

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