Fieldsports Britain – homeschooling with Andy Crow

We’re not just pigeonshooting with Crow in this week’s show. We’re also helping everyone who is homeschooling kids who would rather be pigeonshooting. Crow comes up with questions such as: if a single pigeon eats 50g of wheat a day, how much does it costs the farmer? Crow is doing the maths while knocking down the birds from the skies of Kent. Meanwhile, in Cornwall, Ollie Williams is enjoying his daily recreational exercise with dogs and gun. He is after pheasants, pest birds and, especially, squirrels. News editor Ben O’Rourke takes a magnifying glass to the new general licences in England, which includes some peculiar paragraphs. He talks to pest controller Gary Baxter, as well as Sam Carlisle at the Countryside Alliance and Glynn Evans at BASC. David has the news on the News Stump, including Wild Justice’s court case loss in Wales, and Charlie has the best hunting videos on YouTube in Hunting YouTube. It’s another packed #FieldsportsBritain

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