Fisherman catches 225kg tuna off Wales

A sea angler took two hours to reel in one of the largest tuna caught in British waters while he was hunting for shark.

Andrew Alsop and his fish

Using a rod he designed himself, Andrew Alsop caught the 225kg Atlantic bluefin tuna about 20 miles off the Welsh coast, near an area known as the Celtic Deep.

The fish was about 7ft long and it took six of the boats passengers to get it on board.

Alsop, 48, says: “I really didn’t think we had any chance in a million years of holding it. At one stage I thought, I can’t do this, the fish was pinwheeling and fighting. But I had to land it, or it would just have been another fisherman’s tale.

“I knew it would be big but when it eventually came up it was even more massive than I thought.

“It was an absolutely mad day, to be honest, and I was aching all over afterwards. I’d gone with the boys for a day out shark fishing but we never expected this. It is the fish of a lifetime.”

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