GRS Hunter Light rifle stock – review

GRS have forged a great reputation among rifle shooters worldwide for their CNC machined, hand finished rifle stocks. GRS stocks are renowned for their design and ergonomics. As GRS’s Oscar Haugen puts it, “We make people shoot more accurately because the rifles fit them better.”

Ryan Charlton, from GRS UK distributor Highland Outdoors, is particularly keen on the GRS Hunter Light, a laminated wooden stock with some unique features. “GRS have listened to feedback from hunters across the world who wanted something slimmer, lighter and more portable – and this is it,” he says.

The stock has a slimmer fore-end and barrel channel, and is slimmer at the canted grip too. “If you’re out in the wilderness of Norway wearing gloves, that’s going to be a useful feature,” Ryan comments.

The ambidextrous polymer cheekpiece is adjustable via the GRS Speedlock system which allows you to adjust the comb height silently and on the fly with a simple push-button. Being made of polymer, the cheekpiece won’t feel as cold against your face.

One thing you won’t find on the GRS Hunter Light is the usual length of pull adjustment. “To save weight, GRS have done away with that and replaced it with a system of spacers in the butt,” Ryan explains. “When you’re hunting you’re typically going to be shooting off sticks or from a high seat, and you don’t need a long length of pull – so they’ve stripped it out. It’s going to help you when the ounces count.”

“This stock is 25% lighter than the previous lightest GRS stock. It’s a considerable weight saving that you’ll appreciate when you’re walking up the hills in Scotland.”

The GRS Hunter Light is made of oil finished birch laminate in a choice of six colours, and is available in right and left-handed models. Weight is 1,040 grams, or 2.29 lbs. The stocks can be inletted for just about any current production rifle. RRP is £499.

Find out more at the Highland Outdoors website

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