Scottish deer law shake-up – Fieldsports News, 24 March 2021

Here are the links:

  • Scottish government review plans Deer Act reforms – Fieldsports News 
  • English government plans lead cartridge ban – Fieldsports News 
  • Packham accuses gamekeepers of ‘hare genocide’ – Fieldsports News 
  • Huntsmen cleared of illegal fox chase charges – Devon Live
  • Cops seize dozens of dogs from suspected pet thieves in Suffolk – Guardian
  • Amber wins Tokyo quota place – YouTube
  • Eco-extremists planning countrywide right-to-roam protest – XR
  • Illegal hunting case against Swedish businessman dropped – Svensk Jakt
  • US Democrats use shootings to crack down on gun owners – Ammoland
  • Rare Pakistan goats saved by hunting – Pakistan Tribune and here’s a hunt in Tadjikistan on YouTube 
  • Sudan campaigners angry at return of hunting tours – Guardian
  • Secret squirrels – BBC


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