A US hunter who waited years for a ‘moose tag’ and spent thousands on it, has given it away to an army veteran.

Rick Carosone from Idaho waited 18 years for his moose tag to come up in the state lottery, and spent $1,400 on it. But when he got it, he gave it to former staff sergeant Kimberly Collins of Washington state, as a way of showing gratitude for her military service.

Rick Carosone and former staff sergeant Kimblerly Collins

He gave it away as part of the American Hunting with Heroes programme. The programme involves the community comeing together to provide places for veterans to hunt and stay while they are doing it.

The generous gift did not go to waste as Collins got a moose near Big Piney on Carosone’s donated tag. She used a Sako 30-06 equipped with a Zeiss scope to get the beast.

The US has dozens of initiatives like this, such as the 2017 Hero Salute Veterans pheasant shoot for veterans in Pennsylvania.

For more information about the scheme, visit: huntingwithheroes.org

Hunter hands moose tag to army veteran