A moose hunter says she is “thankful” for the multiple death threats she has received from antis after pictures of her Alaskan moose hunt went viral.

Jessica Grays attracted the attention of violent extremists after posting pictures of the moose she shot on Facebook.

She now says she’s “thankful” for the multiple death threats she received because they have resulted in speaking gigs and sponsorships.

Jessica Grays

She posts on Facebook: “I just wanted to take a second and say thank you! Thank you for the amount of HATE and death threats you have all sent my way.

“It has created quite the media stir bringing this to a national platform where I have media, newspaper, huntings blogs, radio stations and women’s rights groups contacting me to be a spokesperson and sponsorships from it.

“Please keep the hate coming, two days ago I was a passionate small town hunter and today I have multiple new sponsors and hunts lined up across the country.

Grays posted the pictures of her and a companion out hunting a bull moose. It was not long before she started to receive abuse on the picture with one commenter saying: “You are truly a disgusting waste of human flesh.” And another added: “Would have been much more impressed if you posted a photo of this moose, being a moose. I think it’s incredibly cruel of you to shoot it.

Grays went on to say that she was helping to control the animal’s population and that none of the animal went to waste.

Hunter thanks antis for death threats