iRay UK offer a range of thermal spotters and scopes – their E3n featured here is an entry level spotter, priced at £1,169.95. It’s pocket sized with a compact and handy design, and offers serious performance with a typical battery life of around seven hours.

“This model has a 384×288 pixel sensor, a 50Hz frame rate and a 19mm objective lens,” says Ryan Charlton of distributors Highland Outdoors. “It doesn’t do recording – this is a stripped-down, out and out spotter.”

Ryan Charlton using the iRay E3n, a handy spotter that offers great performance for the price

He points out the simple button layout on top of the device, which makes it easy to operate even in the dark. “The unit is very light weight and comes with a wrist strap and quick-detach lanyard so you can wear it around your neck.”

“One important feature is the built-in torch at the front, which is great for finding your quarry when you go to pick it up.”

“This model has fixed focus and the depth of field is fantastic, thanks to the small lens,” he adds. “In normal conditions you’ll be able to ID foxes anywhere between 220 and 250 yards, which is terrific for something at this price point.”

The simple buttons are easy to operate even in the dark

“It’s well thought out, and offers a lot of performance for not a lot of dosh,” he says.

Find out more at the iRay UK website.

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