When you’re serious about pest control, only the best will do – and iRay’s flagship Rico RH50 riflescope offers outstanding quality. “I’ve used just about every unit that’s available, and this is the best image I’ve seen on a thermal riflescope so far,” says Ryan Charlton from distributors Highland Outdoors.

It has a 640 core 12 micron processor, a 50mm front lens and a super HD display. It offers picture-in-picture mode, with a zoom of 6, 9 and 12x, allowing you to place a shot at distances that wouldn’t have been possible with a thermal scope before. Detection range is an impressive 2,600 metres.

Ryan Charlton says the RH50 offers the best thermal scope picture he's seen

To take full advantage of the range potential of the scope, there’s an optional laser rangefinder that attaches to the side of the scope and simply plugs in to give you an accurate range measurement on your target.

The control buttons on top are simple to use, and raised so they’re easy to find in the dark. Battery life is eight hours, and the battery can be swapped out quickly, “so even if you forget and leave it on standby, you’re back in the game nice and quickly.”

“One of the most striking things about the Rico RH50 is the mounting system,” Ryan continues. “It’s a super heavy duty, high quality, quick release mount – so you can swap the scope between rifles. I’ve used it on my .204 and .243, and even my .308.”

The unit has a detection range of 2,600 metres and the zoom allows long shots to be taken with confidence

“The unit has three different zero profiles so swapping rifles is super easy. You just go into the menu, change the gun profile and you’re ready to go. The mount is very heavy duty, and it clicks back in very repeatably.”

All in all, Ryan says the Rico RH50 is the benchmark in thermal riflescopes, and will stay ahead of the field for some time.

Retail price of the iRay Rico RH50 is £4,464.95.

Find out more at the iRay UK website.

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Ryan swaps the scope between rifles using the gun profile function

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