New Airgun tricks and kit – AirHeads, episode 4

New airgun tips, tricks and kit in this week’s show. We are at the British Shooting Show to see what those clever johnnies at the UK’s airgun companies have come up with – and what you can do with all those rifles, pistols and day and night optics.

In our airgun kit special, we find out about IPAS shooting – the 100-yard dash of the air pistol world. We look at the new Daystate Wolverine C, the new Hawke Airmax scope range, we see computer systems from Rowan Engineering, and bling from Weihrauch.

In ‘Hot Air’ news, we have Crosman’s new centre, what the British courts do to you if you tweak your sub 12 ft/lber and illegally make it 15 ft/lb, and why the Kashmiris are fed up with airguns.

Darren Rodgers is comparing two different kinds of night vision, Ted Holdover (he sometimes calls himself EdgunUSA) reveals the true identity of what he calls ‘the meat banana’, Tony Belas from Daystate is out in the woods of Cumbria, righteous geezer Peter Zamit shows off best airguns for under a ‘monkey’, James Marchington takes it out on a tin can and Airstreaming brings you the best airgunning films on YouTube in the last week.

Here are the links for Airstreaming:
Igmar Meyer–VAoMBh2MM
White Hawk Machine & Tool

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