PETA’s new anti-hunting campaign goes wrong

PETA has launched a new anti-hunting campaign that is going viral, but not in the way it wants.

The American anti-hunting organisation came up with the overlay ‘Shoot Selfies not animals’ for its supporters to put on top of their profile photos on Facebook. They have also been producing t-shirts bearing the slogan.

Hunters all over the world picked up on the campaign, starting to ‘troll’ it and have been proudly using it to show off their kills. This ‘trolling’ has been showcasing the campaign to thousands of new people who otherwise would not have known about it.

PETA is trying to keep hold of the ownership of their campaigning by responding in a statement on its website:

“Their actions (hunters) served only to introduce PETA and our anti-hunting message to a whole new audience.” Continuing to say that: “PETA owes a big thank-you to the would-be trolls who are spreading our message of compassion”

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